Roxie presents ROLEPLAY… 9/12/15


I had a blast performing two acts at Roxie, Shanghai’s new bar for queer women, with the lovely and talented Anna Fur Laxis. We paired Anna’s feisty headmistress act with my own Billy Idol strip and our naughty police officer/convict duet for a short showcase of naughty fantasies. A big thank-you to Yin Meng for these awesome photos (click for full-size).








Sunday Evening Inspiration

Two weeks until Qi-Pow! Burlesque’s prison-themed cabaret, Guilty Pleasures. I’ve been working on my cop act and stumbled upon this gem of inspiration from UK-based king, Rusty Von Chrome. The reveal at 3:15? Golden.

Pics 4 dayz, clips 4 weekz


Finally got around to uploading my number from Pearl Island, an island-themed burlesque show that I had the honor of emceeing on July 15-16, 2015. Our sold-out show featured aerialists, fire performances, burlesque, and two musical numbers from yours truly. Big thanks to Anna Fur Laxis to inviting me to be involved– stay tuned for our original prison-themed burlesque show, Guilty Pleasures, debuting at the end of this month.

Shared here is a short selection from my performance at ShanghaiPRIDE’s 3rd Annual Drag Ball in November 2014. I have no idea where those vampire teeth are… which sucks because they were grade-A Scarecrow brand snap-on fangs.

You can also peep this short clip from Pride’s Got Talent which I produced and hosted in May 2015. Check us out again this spring as part of the 8th Annual ShanghaiPRIDE festival.