Qi-POW! Burlesque presents Guilty Pleasures

Ahhh! So many exciting things happening!

The lovely and talented Anna Fur Laxis and I finally locked down our rogue band of entertainers into a formal production company.


Isn’t she a thing of beauty?

The wonderful Flower Bel even hooked us up with the badass logo seen above. It’s about time we had a logo, too, since you’re looking at the producers of a SOLD OUT show.


Guilty Pleasures was my first producing credit with Qi-POW! Burlesque & Cabaret and my second producing credit in the city. Set in a women’s prison, Guilty Pleasures presents the story of the criminals, cops, and bystanders that pass through its barbed-wire gates. For the show, I presented two acts– a rare female strip as an revenge-seeking abused wife and the aforementioned naughty cop act to a custom hip-hop mashup by Fiverr’s audiomatt.







Guilty Pleasures

In addition to my two solo acts, Anna and I did a naughty cop/prisoner S&M act that involved me leading her through the crowd on a leash. The audience had a great time interacting up close and personal with the two of us.

Sales and reviews for Guilty Pleasures were so good that we did an encore of the show in October. It’s really exciting to see our little company continue to grow.

Our next show is titled “Naughty Xmas” and will be presented the first weekend in December featuring our rotating cast of regulars. I’m in the early stages of conceiving my act for this one– I’m thinking a Toy Soldier-themed hip-hop number. Thoughts?

Until next time!