ShanghaiLGBT Annual Drag Party and Qi-POW! Burlesque & Cabaret Presents Naughty Xmas

What a great winter it’s been! Even though the weather in Shanghai can be pretty gnarly this time of year, the calendar of events hasn’t slowed. That’s great because there’s nothing that combats the winter blues quite like the energy from a live show.

November marked the annual ShanghaiLGBT Drag Party.


Guess what, y’all– YA BOY WON FIRST PLAAAAACE!


I debuted an act to Queen’s “I Want to Break Free,” inspired by the Shanghai metro.

I love the ShanghaiLGBT Drag Party because each year, the talent competition gets more and more intense. Unfortunately, I was only one of two kings participating in the talent portion this time. I would love to do a Drag King university where we take some aspiring kings and help them build an act but I think it would still take a bit of time to build some momentum.


City Weekend invited me to write a guest column on drag kinging to support the party.

In December, Qi-POW! presented its third (!!!) Pearl show, Naughty Xmas.


Our shows at the Pearl are getting bigger, better, and busier. This time we welcome a few new guests artists to work with QP!, including the world’s most beautiful drag emcee, Miss Jade, a dynamite pole dancer named Kseniya and a handsome, talented, and impossibly fit singer named Rhian.

Naughty Xmas @ The Pearl

For this show, I presented a brand-new “Toy Soldier” act. In this act, a neo-Soul rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” transitions into Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights.” Choreography has always been my Achilles heel– years of acting training that forced me to be “in the moment” has made generating movement without feeling really, really hard. I managed to choreograph this act from start to finish, though, and I’m really happy with the way that it turned out.

As drag kings, sometimes it feels like there isn’t room for glamour in what we do. In the quest to be masculine, it feels like you can’t be flamboyant in your styling. That’s really frustrating when you consider┬áthat a good performance should be flamboyant! These days, I feel myself moving towards a more genderfuck style of drag. That gray area is what I feel affords the most freedom. There’s no reason I can’t pack and wear sparkly costumes at the same time. It’s performance art, for crying out loud. It doesn’t have to fit into a box.

Plans are in the works now for our next show, Qi-POW! presents LOVE BOAT. Will post more information on my next act soon– I’ve got something good planned for you guys. ­čÖé

Until next time!