2016: A Year in Review & Updates

Holy crap! 2016, thank you. You were one of the most productive years of my entire performance career.

A few highlights, in no particular order:

  • The Austin, Texas International Drag Festival — performiScreenshot_20160501-192439~2ng alongside some of the most talented people I’ve ever shared a stage with, meeting Sammy Silver, Spikey Van Dykey, Laganja Estranga, Colin Acumen, K. James, Vigor Mortis, Goldie Peacock, and a host of other amazing drag performers. And of course eating some bomb-ass Mexican food.
  • Forming the House of TBD, my beautiful and amazing drag house, and working closely with my lovely sisters and drag son.
  • Unleashing my inner Joan Crawford as Mrs. Forrest in Urban Aphrodite’s Psycho Beach Party.
  • Co-producing and performing in five mainstage shows with Qi-POW! Burlesque & Cabaret, including my favorite to date, Seance. We showed our city that we can do both tongue-in-cheek and sophisticated burlesque and sold out almost every show.

So what’s new, then?

The big news is that I am currently competing in the first-ever televised competition for drag kings, King Me: Rise of a Drag King. This bi-weekly competition will culminate in a cash prize and a cross-country tour for the winner. I am one of two kings competing from Asia and one of three kings not representing the UK or US. It’s kind of a big deal! You can watch the episodes from their Youtube channel here.

Otherwise, we’re back in the swing of things for Qi-POW! and the House of TBD. We are currently working on our eleventh QP! production, Professor E’s Museum of Time, and just added two performers to our House of TBD roster: Erica Balenciaga and Dorian T. Fisk.

Participating in King Me has me thinking a lot about my performance goals for 2017 and beyond. I really feel like performance-wise, drag is my home– it is the crossroads of so much that I love, including costuming, acting, dance, and music. The great drag artists that I admire are the ones that are polished but still push the envelope; this year, I want to beef up my styling, polish up all of my old acts, and conquer my personal beast of burden: choreography. I’d also like to add two specialty skills to my resume: playing an instrument and using a whip. I’m hoping to add another festival to my performance resume, with an eventual (bucket list) goal of headlining a festival some day.

What are your performance goals, both short and long term? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time. ❤

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