Drag King Profile: Rusty Von Chrome

Rusty’s look caught my eye when I was searching for examples of police officer drag on YouTube. His drag is delightfully dirty and refreshingly funny. Rusty was kind enough to agree to be the first king profiled here on ennisfw.com.


Name: Rusty Von Chrome

Age: 42, shhhh!

Hometown: Manchester, England

Relationship Status: Relationship? What’s one of those?

How did you get started doing drag? It started as a one off for a Halloween burlesque show I was performing in and it stuck. The character just kept getting booked to the extent that it took over from my female burlesque persona entirely and now I perform burlesque only as Rusty.

How would you describe your aesthetic? I like very obvious male character/roles. I try and keep things simple.carry_on_abroad_movie_poster

What are your inspirations? I never really had many strong female role models growing up. I spent more time with my dad and grandad so most of my role models are male. The Carry On films and the comedians of the 80’s had a huge effect on me, Rik Mayall especially.

Do you have any signature acts? My signature act is Henry the Eighth now. It used to be my cop routine but Henry has well and truly taken over.

RVC1What are some of the unique challenges of being a drag king? Doing drag in burlesque originally it was quite hard to get booked. People didn’t get it. Now it’s becoming more popular and it’s great seeing more and more drag kings and queens performing burlesque and showing people what we can do.

What do you want to say or accomplish with your drag? To be honest, I just want to carry on having a good time and having people enjoy what I do.

Do you have any goals for yourself as a performer? I have a bucket list of shows I want to do before I retire and I’m getting quite a few of those ticked off this year. I’m really lucky!


Find and ‘Like’ Rusty on Facebook at¬†https://www.facebook.com/kingofthecodpiece.